Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Totes for tots...

This morning I definitely accomplished R10. Good thing too, because the rest of the day was anything but time for myself. Here is a picture of my sweet self. I am quite proud of this outfit as I put it together myself. It's Target (Tar-jhay :P) Couture at its finest, and definitely a Sass original:

After getting dressed Betsy and I went and ran lots of errands.

We went to the Book Exchange, where Betsy made friends with Katie the Burmese Mountain Dog:

And to the recycling center, where we picked up our shiny, brand-spankin'-new, bright blue recycling bins:

Triplets, aren't they just so snazzy and cute! They are only in their infancy but because of R8 they will soon grow and experience new things in the recycling community!

Then on to Target for diapers, where I stumbled upon my own personal heaven:

Drool. Big purple sign promising me salvation and deliverance from my depths-of-dire-hell of a household and the road to redemption (also known as R5). I believe! I believe!

And lo, because I believe, because my faith in the good sign is strong and true, I was thusly rewarded:

Finally, R5 is truly coming to life. Can I get a WITNESS!!

Now, onto the Ten Commandments:

1. Thou shall know thy husband each day: I promised y'all I would tell you what I thought of my secret weapon and here is the initial verdict - FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! So freakin' HOTTTT! And not in a good way! That stuff BURNS! Also in the end it was not as intense as I had anticipated. Sex was only fractionally more intense that usual. But, I am willing to give it another chance. It's not like I can return it.

2. Thou shall do math, like it, and love it when you lose weight: Yesterday morning I started putting together a regimen that I would like to stick to - gym every other day, and on off days do a combination of yoga and ab strength training to some rockin' tunes. Once the weather warms up I plan on taking the kids for walks, possibly even joining Stroller Strides.

3. Thou shall be talented in the kitchen, and with thy wallet: Yeah, you're still gonna have to wait until the 7th, but I've been looking up some interesting recipes. Maybe if I'm lucky my friend Chelsea will hook me up with some of her pumpkin butter from Trader Joe's. She has some extra jars and we don't have TJ around here. And it sounds YUMMY!!!

4. Thou shall pray every day: Got it covered. I like talking to God. It's nice just talking to him without just calling Him up and asking him for a handout. I feel like I could really get to know Him this way.

5. Thou shalt not be a slob: As you can see from earlier, I am starting to really boogie on this one. I have a long way and a lot of totes to go, but I am so excited!!

6. Thou shalt not waste all thy income: Today when I went to the bank I held on to ten percent of my paycheck. It's been socked away.

7. Thou shall keep in touch: Well, today was ALL about some keeping in touch. I talked to some friends, my dad, both brothers, my mother, my grandmother, my grandfather, my great-grandmother, my mom's boyfriend, my brother's girlfriend, and left messages for my dad's fiance. While the circumstances surrounding this sudden explosion of communicado were less than ideal...I contributed!

8. Thou shalt not waste: Ahhh, recycling. It feels so good to come home to you.

9. Thou shalt not have a potty mouth: Doing great with this one so far! I am shocked but pleased.

10. Thou shall make time for thyself: It was only a little bit of time, but in the end I had on a cute outfit, hot hair, and pretty make-up. I felt good about myself all day today! I kept checking MYSELF out!!!!


  1. That outfit is ROCKING. Your day sounds like it turned out okay-good for you for making it that way.

  2. r start to the year! LOVE the outfit!!

  3. You should try the KY tingling lube....it's a little menthol so it's warm but cool at the same time...I don't like most stuff but this was pretty good...;)