Sunday, January 3, 2010

Rules of the resolution revolution...

Because I do have a life outside of the computer I won't be able to post daily, at least not on this particular blog. I will try. I like to surprise people so I won't set a certain schedule as to when I'll post a blog. I could post AT ANY TIME. Maybe even twice a day! I know, I'm unpredictable like that.

Also, because I AM trying to be more organized, I'll blog about all of my resolutions every day that I post. I'll do it in a list, from 1 to 10. Mini blogs in a big blog kinda thing. Let's start now!!!

1. 365: Today is Day Three and we are still doing it. Today at Target I picked up this...

I've never used this stuff before. EVER. Any kind. Not once in my life. Should be interesting; I'll let you know how it goes. I wonder if I should tell my husband or if I should consider it a "secret weapon"...

2. 20 + 10 = 30 lbs.: I plan on starting this up as soon as I'm well again (I'm recovering from a severe upper respiratory infection). As of January 3, 2010, I weigh 155 lbs. and have a 36 inch waist. I am 5'4" tall. Here is a picture of me less than three years ago, before kids...

And this is me now...

Definitely in need of some improvement.

3. The impossible menu: This challenge begins on January 7, 2010. I hope to have two months' worth of meals by the end of the year.

4. Pray every day: Of course I've started this one. I'll let you know how it goes. So far it's nice to just have a quiet moment so I'm thanking God for all He gives me these days!

5. Become more organized: Ooh, I like this one, it is a favorite. I get to buy pretty shiny storage totes and move stuff around and feel like I've done something in a much shorter time span. For example:

This is our itty bitty entryway. It shames me to say that I've been working on this since December 2008, but it's the truth. When we moved in to our townhouse that whole space was filled with these ridiculous shelves, top to bottom. Thankfully they were removable. But my husband being the pack rat he is, he decided to save all the shelves under our stairs (which recently got cleaned out). We hung up the pegs and were happy but stuff kept piling up on the floorspace. When we cleaned up underneath our stairs I decided to actually utilize one of the shelves and two baskets I also found under there. Now we have a shelf space, a basket for shoes, and a basket for our grocery bags. Hooks for keys too!

6. Ten percent fund: I have a very part-time job at our church on Sundays; I teach Children's Church. It's not much but I get a check every two weeks. So I'll be starting that this coming week.

7. Keeping in touch: This is harder than it sounds as I have a VERY large group of friends and family quite literally all over the world but I'm certain I can do it. Ironically it's the family I live closest to that I rarely communicate with. This isn't by choice. We're all just really bad with telephones.

8. Recycle: I am going to the recycling center tomorrow to pick up our very own tote! I'm SO excited to have one of those little blue buckets. I'm so proud of us.

9. Stop Swearing: I've made a list of acceptable replacement words. My kids don't need to be EXACTLY like's cute when they repeat stuff, but seriously, not when they repeat THAT stuff. Thankfully they haven't started repeating them yet, but I need to stop repeating them too!

10. Make time for me: I'm remarkably good at this one, but probably not as good as I should be. I need to let go of some control issues and let a babysitter INTO MY LIFE! Know any good ones?


  1. We bought that KY stuff and um...yeah its freaking amazing!!! It smells weird though but OH MY GOD! =) Enjoy it!

  2. LOL thanks Mel! A friend of mine told me it burns! Maybe she was talking about a different one though...?

  3. 1. Love that piarticular KY. awesome stuff.
    2. I LOVE your entryway.
    3. Good luck!

  4. I am excited to see you kick ass this new year!

  5. Your friend may be allergic. I can't use that stuff because I'm so sensitive :(

  6. Good point Chelsea. She is allergic to alot of things...including