Friday, January 15, 2010

20 + 10 Challenge

Well, it seems this is one of my most difficult resolutions to follow. I have SO many excuses:

The house is a mess
The kids are asleep
The kids are awake
I don't like to go at night
I'm tired
My schedule is packed
It's raining

Yeah, you get the picture.

But TODAY I went to the gym! I have not been in at least two weeks, maybe longer. You know it's been too long when you can't remember the last time you went.

And man, let me tell you, I kicked my own ass.

20 minutes of speed cycling - SIX MILES!
2 sets of 60 reps on the bicep/tricep weight machine
10 minutes on the elliptical - TWO MILES!

And then I ran home from the gym. Not a long way from home, but it made me feel better about myself.

This is me after my workout, oh yeah. Sweat is sexy. Deal with it.

And here is my current "Body Movin'" exercise mix:

Every Time I Look For You::BLINK-182
Don't Phunk With My Heart::BLACK EYED PEAS
Hey Baby::NO DOUBT

Can I just say, pretty much ANY Blink-182 song is perfect for working out.

Going back to the gym Sunday after church...that's right, church. I try to go every Sunday. Besides, praying every day is one of my resolutions, and why not go talk to God at His place for once - He likes it when we go visitin'.

I'll be back later with my recipe post.


  1. OMG 2 miles in 10 minutes!!! That is intense. When Jay was in boot camp he was only able to get a 6 minute mile. You must be in some serious shape!!

  2. HA I wish! I seriously don't know where it comes from. I think I have to just give the credit to B182. Their angry music makes it easy for me to work out my own kinks. I am kinda mean to the machine. LOL

  3. Greta track list, Hey baby is one of my all time FAVE!!! that and hella good lol