Saturday, January 2, 2010

Starting the new year with a BANG!


Last night Christopher and I initiated our joint 365 the shower.

Now let me explain something about the shower. We discovered while I was pregnant with Betsy, our oldest, that shower sex is the way to go when:

I am not in the mood
I am not feeling well
We don't have alot of time
We are too tired to make it in bed and the water keeps us from passing out
We don't want to alarm our kids or neighbors with any noise
We are in the mood to multitask - i.e., get dirty and then get clean, after all, we had to shower to begin with. Kill two birds with one stone.

We are shower sexperts, if I do say so myself. Nearly two years of practice will do that to you.

And we do it without protection. That's right - no skid-proof bath mat! We are risktakers.

Now, some of you might be saying, "That's how you jumpstarted the New Year? That hardly seems right. A quickie in the shower?" Well, if that's your mindset, then you obviously don't have kids. So shut it.

Sorry 2010, but I don't think you can handle what's behind the curtain. Maybe when you're a little older.


  1. This'll be great for when Aunt Flo arrives. Have you thought of that issue? I did today when thinking about your #1 resolution. Yes, I WAS thinking about it today...loser!

  2. LOL Chelsea! Yes, I have thought of that. We will be using it in that fashion.